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The Great Wedding Recyclery 2019

Green Wedding Alliance Hosts The Great Wedding Recyclery 2019

Every April, the Green Wedding Alliance hosts their spring Great Wedding Recyclery event at Loft on Lake, where vendors and married brides can sell their gently loved wedding decor and other wedding related accessories.

If you’re getting married this year and anticipate having 10 aisle lanterns that you no longer have a need for, consider donating these items to the Green Wedding Alliance OR renting a table to help recycle your items, while helping other brides create their own wedding!

A great way to reduce, reuse, recycle.

The Great Wedding Recyclery 2017

A garage sale of sorts! Loft on Lake hosts the annual Great Wedding Recyclery which brings lots of people every year! Everything must go is the motto, Brides/Grooms setup tables with decor items in multiples from their own wedding and sell off for a new Bride/Groom to use in their wedding! It's a win/win situation and engaged couples will feel like they got a great deal!