Motion & Still Photography

here to Document your Event

If you are booking a private, social or corporate event with Loft on Lake, our in-house photo & video team can take the lead documenting your event. Send us a shot list and we've got it covered. We'll even extend an exclusive discount that applies when you book Loft on Lake + our in-house services.

For event photography requests outside of Loft on Lake, you can count on Garrett Photographic to shoot at other locations. 

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Still Photography

Our prices reflect the cost of shooting your event, processing the digital files, adjusting and retouching where necessary and finally uploading the files to our website.

Motion Videography

One Videographer or more with an audio technician to capture your event coverage and deliver files, based on needs and expectations. From iphone to cinema quality.

All photos/video will be available to download on the GP website for an extended period of time after your event.


A Case Study: Loft on Lake + Austrian Airlines

TOURISM: Austrian Airlines held a mini Convention; an unveiling of new product innovations and a celebration for staff at Loft on Lake. They hired Loft on Lake's in-house photography team to document the experience.

©LoftonLake©LoftonLake-Document Name_133.jpg
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©LoftonLake©LoftonLake-Document Name_12.jpg
©LoftonLake©LoftonLake-Document Name_694.jpg
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