We highly recommend if your guest count reaches over 50 persons that you hire catering staff from our preferred catering list. Catering provides the proper insurance and licensing so your event is covered. If you would like to provide food and setup yourself and take on the responsibility of the caterer, you may obtain your own event insurance through Markel Event Insurance or another insurance provider. If you are serving alcohol in the space during your event, you must hire a licensed bartender that needs to be present when alcohol arrives to the space and through the duration of the event, until bar is closed. Should you choose to hire catering or restaurant staffing outside of our preferred list, there is an additional fee*. 


Visit our preferred catering page here. These caterers are familiar with the space and the quality of service and food is impeccable. All private events over 50 persons require service staffing. Our caterers work with whatever food or drink services you need! See our vendors page for links to websites or contact our office for questions and recommendations.

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Loft on Lake understands sometimes our clients want to go with a food and beverage provider of their choice, and we can work with you on that. We allow for any outside food & alcohol deliveries, but we require event staffing. We ask that you hire our preferred catering or staffing companies to manage your event, if not there is an additional fee*. 

*Additional fees added to rental rate for extended hours and utilizing a caterer event staffing NOT on our preferred list.



Loft on Lake can rent the space for 4, 6, 8, and 10 hour blocks. Friday's & Saturday's are full 10 hour rentals. All events end at midnight (except for NYE which ends at 1am) if you would like to extend for an extra hour, there is an additional fee*.


Loft on Lake rental rates are determined by day, hours of rental, and guest count. Friday & Saturday's however is different pricing, and the space must be rented for the full 10 hours - no exceptions. Request a guide for private event rates.


You MUST provide your own event insurance if you are NOT utilizing a caterer, event staffing, or qualified vendors off of our preferred list. The easiest way is to just hire one of our caterers!! Otherwise, Markel Event Insurance can provide.