Loft on Lake - Chicago Event Space - How Hard Are You Knocking? Landing a Job in a Difficult Economy

How Hard Are You Knocking? Landing a Job in a Difficult Economy

Loft on Lake welcomed Tim Augustine and associates from Succeed Faster, for a three day intensive career seminar held at Loft on Lake in July.

 It was a very insightful preparatory event for young, recent college graduates. About one hundred of the nation’s brightest and most promising graduates, gathered for guidance, inspiration and networking from known entrepreneurs and peers.

The seminar covered tips on how to succeed in the real world. Tim spoke about and answered questions on topics such as resumes, the interviewing process, financial strategy, networking, time management tools, goal setting, dream jobs, and much more.

Chad Carden and Adam Carroll also joined Tim.  Chad is the founder of successful consulting firm ($10Mplus), The Chad Carden Group, which has a high profile list of clients including: AT&T, Morgan Stanley, The Irvine Company, Enterprise RAC, and many more. Chad’s is also co-author of Winning The Money Game. Adam Carroll is the founder of National Financial Educators, author of Winning The Money Game, and owns a mortgage company in Iowa.

The event was intense, like a boot camp for young entrepreneurs. All the participants were totally into the process and enjoying the interaction. Tim had all the young professionals write their dreams on a sheet of paper. Then each person went around the room and wrote how they might contribute to that person’s dream, showcasing how important networking can be and proving that dreams can come true with a little help from your friends.

The event was an overwhelming great success and we hope to see Succeed Faster at the Loft again for another upbeat and positive seminar.

Tim is owner of Atwell LLC, professional speaker and author of How Hard Are You Knocking? His book is a great career starter guide that illustrates the best practices and tactics in landing the job of your choice and getting what you want out of your job.

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